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This fansite is a Tribute to Newline Cinema's film, Second Hand Lions , starring the extraordinary actor, Haley Joel Osment.

We are indebted to amazing people like Pazu7 , who contributed the video clips of raw footage of some scenes from Second Hand Lions and Dark_ph0enix , who provided the very early and first few pictures in the gallery . I must also single out for credit a wonderful fan of Haley Joel Osment called FAIR who posts mainly on the message boards. FAIR has proven to one of the most well-respected fans whose comments and opinions are always thought-provoking, mature , eloquent and witty. FAIR has also proven to be one amazing internet detective who manages to find even the most obscure but interesting information on Secondhand Lions and our favourite actor. FAIR has been instrumental in helping me build the ARTICLES section of this website into one that is as comprehensive that it is, and I am grateful to FAIR for this.

This fan site is a tribute to Haley Joel Osment and his amazing talent, and we do not profit in any way from hosting the pictures and video clips. In fact, we see this as a way to promote the movie , and encourage everyone to go and see it when it opens in your country , or buy or rent it on original DVD.

Daniel in Singapore


19th September 2007 : 4 years have passed since Secondhand Lions was released, and support for this charming film continues to grow. Fair has written yet another brilliant tribute to Secondhand Lions, and makes an important observation about the film. Click on the banner below, and enjoy this special 4th Anniversary T ribute to Secondhand Lions !


20th September 2006 : Check out this lovely Secondhand Lions theatrical poster from Israel !

It's interesting to see how different countries market the film . In Israel's case, Haley Joel Osment, Robert Duvall and Michael Caine must be big enough stars to sell the film .... nothing else is needed, just the strength of the actor's reknown in their country ! Brilliant ! Many thanks to JR Design for sending us this wonderful picture !

Click on the picture to supersize it.

19th September 2006 : It's hard to believe that 3 years have already gone by since the theatrical release of Secondhand Lions. Till today, the film continues to delight and to touch people all over the world, and the last we heard, it was being shown on television in the Netherlands ! This website, the Secondhand Lions Tribute Site, continues to be the world's number 1 resource for the film on the internet, and we stand by what we have said from the beginning.... that Secondhand Lions is a wonderful film that the entire family can enjoy ! To celebrate the THIRD anniversary of Seconhand Lions , we've given ourselves a mini-makeover , continuing the tradition of changing our banner with each passing year ! You can see how we have evolved through the years ....





We hope you enjoy the 3rd anniversary changes, and we promise you that if there is any news about Secondhand Lions in the many years to come, we will be right here, bringing that news to you ! Happy THIRD ANNIVERSARY, Secondhand Lions !

19th September 2005 : Whatever you do, DON'T miss Fair heartfelt tribute to Secondhand Lions on its third anniversary, in the wonderfully penned article For the Third of Secondhand Lions .


23rd August 2006 : There is more news about Secondhand Lions being turned into a musical, which will be slated for a 2008 premiere . Don't miss the fascinating interview with Los Angeles based composer and lyricist team Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner , who are writing the music with book by acclaimed writer Rupert Holmes .

22nd August 2006 : We are grateful to Trevor H. who alerted us about the latest exciting news about Secondhand Lions ... according to , Secondhand Lions is to be adapted for the Broadway, New York stage as a new musical . ESCAPE (THE PINA COLADA SONG) hitmaker RUPERT HOLMES is among the brains behind the project. Not to many details are known at this present time, but you can check out the screencapture of this piece of news here .


19th September 2005 : Wow ! It's the SECOND ANNIVERSARY of Secondhand Lions already ! Originally released theatrically on 19th September 2003, this wonderful little film has become a favourite among many fans of Haley Joel Osment ! It's a great time to revisit the FIRST ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE that this website gave to the film exactly a year ago, because everything written there about the film, and the fans of Haley Joel Osment, still remains true till today. No doubt fans like Fair will definitely be bringing you something special for the anniversary this year, and we will be archiving it here for you, so watch for it. It is also very significant that on the Second Anniversary of Haley's coming of age film, he spends it filming the independent film, Home of the Giants, and what better time than this than to announce that we are going to have something very special to present to you , soon, with respects to Haley's latest film. We're not going to say more at this moment, but keep it here at our companion websites , , and , and we thank you as always , for your support for Haley all these years. As Fair would say, Haley is the best !

20th September 2005: As expected , Fair has not disappointed, being first with the news that Secondhand Lions will be the FIRST Haley film ever to be released in the UMD media format , playable on the Sony Playstation Portable . Check out the full story and pictures . Also be sure to check out Fair's tremendously heartfelt and well-written article , Secondhand Lions Second , a tribute to this amazing film on its second anniversary.


31st May 2005 : Thanks to Anthony and Fair for alerting me about the official Secondhand Lions website in Korea , and for this beautiful Korean version of the theatrical poster. Check out the additional details not found in the any other Secondhand Lions posters.... the treasure boxes, the gold coins , and the "loop the loop" stuntwork of the biplane ! It looks like the Koreans are giving the Japanese some competition when it comes to creativity in advertising the film !

24th May 2005 : Secondhand Lions opened on 20th May 2005 on 15 screens in Korea , and took in US$72,396 in the 3 day opening weekend with an average of US$4,826 per screen. It is heartening to know that a year and a half after its first release in USA, and a year after its worldwide DVD release , one is still able to see Secondhand Lions in a theatre somewhere in the world on big screen.

17th March 2005 : Take a closeup look at the beautiful packaging of the Region 2 Japan release of Secondhand Lions in a Collector's Edition DVD !



9th March 2005 : The final Box Office total for Secondhand Lions in Japan now stands at US$2,159,711 , the highest international box office performance of the film , as expected , in view of Haley Joel Osment's popularity in Japan , and due also in large part to the amazing effort that Nippon Herald Films , the distributor of the film in Japan , put in to their marketing of the film . Beautiful , new and classy artwork unlike anything else seen in the marketing of the film in USA and other international territories , a special appearance by none other than Haley Joel Osment himself , both live and in special personalised theatrical trailers all added to the box office success of Secondhand Lions in Japan.

No other international box office came close, with United Kingdom only achieving US$1,276,949 and Spain with US1,055,200 . salutes Nippon Herald Films and Japan on a wonderful job well done, and we applaud you for recognising Secondhand Lions for what it really is , a classy, uplifting family film that was well worth promoting . You treated the film with so much class and respect , and the box office results show that those efforts were well worth it !

We're Celebrating !

It's the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of the theatrical release of Secondhand Lions , and we are glad you can join us in the celebrations !

If you have come to this page directly and have missed our First Anniversary Tribute to Secondhand Lions, we hope that you will take the time to read it first, because it is a Tribute straight from our heart ...




Also, be sure not to miss Fair's wonderful 1st Anniversary tribute ,

What A Time That Was ....


7th January 2004 : Fair has managed to unearth a fascinating Interview with Tim McCanlies , well worth reading because director Tim McCanlies speaks his mind about Secondhand Lions , his most passionate project to date .

24th September 2004 : Fair's one week long SHL Anniversary Tribute ends with a look back at one of Haley's early projects, the Jeff Foxworthy Show . With a surprise at the end. Check it out at our companion site at !

23rd September 2004 : Even More Haley Pics ... from the ever amazing Fair !

21st September 2004 : The Lost Article is Part 3 of Fair's unique Secondhand Lions Celebrations ! Check it out now ....

20th September 2004 : Another Piece of the Puzzle , Part 2 of Fair's Five Day series celebrating the first anniversary of Secondhand Lions, now online !

19th September 2004 : It's been ONE year since Secondhand Lions was released, and we are celebrating ! Happy First Anniversary , Secondhand Lions ! Check out our First Anniversary Tribute to Secondhand Lions, AND YOUR First Anniversary Tributes, left by you and your fellow fans ! Also, check back daily for new articles, echoes and images by the ever amazing FAIR , posted at the Haley's kidactor's message board, and archived here ! What A Time That Was.... now online !

15th September 2004 : The total box office tallies are finally in ! Secondhand Lions made US$42,070,939 in the Domestic US Box Office ( 87.8% of the worldwide grosses ) and its Overseas box office takings added another US$5,831,627 or 12.2% of the Worldwide Gross of US$47,902,566 . Check out our new summary of how Secondhand Lions did in each country .

18th August 2004 : Secondhand Lions finally drops out of the Top 15 Box Office Chart for Japan in its fifth frame due to a whole slew of new films opening across Japan. Although we are unable to bring you the box office takings for the 5th week, it is likely that Secondhand Lions may continue to play at smaller theatres across Japan for a few more weeks before finally ending its run. It is still showing on six screens currently, with one screen committed to showing it till 3rd September and another theatre committed to a screen run of Secondhand Lions till 10th September 2004.

11th August 2004 : Secondhand Lions improved on its per location average on 11 screens to take in an additional US$179,680 , re-entering the top 10 at the Japan Box Office in its fourth week.

4th August 2004 : Secondhand Lions played in only 11 screens ( down from 14 ) in its third frame averaging US$14,062 per screen to gross US$154,679 for a cumulative total of US$776,562 in 3 weeks.For more details, check out the Japan Box Office.

28th July 2004 : Fans in Japan can win one of 3 copies of the Secondhand Lions Poster ( Japanese campaign ) in a special draw !

27th July 2004 : Secondhand Lions continues to perform well in Japan despite being on only 14 screens, improving it's per location average slightly and chalking up another US$318,359 for a total box office of US$627,589 in 2 weeks. It slips a notch to rank 9 on the overall Japan Box Office due to the entry of 2 Japanese language films in the Top 10 Box Office list.

21st July 2004 : Secondhand Lions enters the Top 10 Japan Box Office chart in its first week (ending July 16th ) at Number 8 with US$312,094 .

16th July 2004 : Anthony spots this interview that Haley Joel Osment did with Cinema Voice in Japan.

13th July 2004 : Secondhand Lions is now playing on a respectable 14 screens throughout Japan ( respectable considering blockbusters usually open on only 30 - 40 screens in under-screened Japan nationwide ) with extremely respectable screening times of 11am, 2pm, 7pm and 9pm in most theatres. 4 screening slots a day is excellent. It costs US$25 to see the film , which is being shown in English with Japanese subtitles in most of the Tokyo screens, and dubbed in Japanese without English subtitles in the surburbs and smaller cities. We'll bring you the box office results as soon as we get them !

30th June 2004 : 10th July 2004 has been confirmed as the official date of release of Secondhand Lions in Japan. The official Japanese website updates their site with a new banner which reflects the release date.

15th June 2004 : The inimitable FAIR provides us once again with news of the wonderful promotional campaign for Secondhand Lions in Japan. Check out the update !

24th May 2004 : We've FINALLY managed to scan the 2 beautiful Secondhand Lions Japanese miniposters ! Check out the high quality large scans of both Style A and Style B Japanese chirashi , PLUS take a look at the reverse side of each miniposter !

17th May 2004 : Once again , Fair brings good news , this time , to Australian fans who will be pleased to hear that the Region 4 Secondhand Lions DVD will be released in Australia on 23rd September 2004, a whole year after its theatrical release in USA. Nonetheless, the wait is definitely worth it !

7th May 2004 : Plenty of NEWS about Secondhand Lions' release in Japan in July 2004 ! The section devoted to tracking the performance of Secondhand Lions in Japan has been completely revamped to include information on Haley's promotional appearance in Japan on 21st April 2004, and what those Japanese words on the two chirashi posters actually mean.

2nd May 2004 : Japan gears up for the theatrical release of Secondhand Lions with a second promotional poster, and it is another beautiful one ! It is heartening to note that such great effort is going into promoting the film in Japan.

28th April 2004 : Haley has just released a stunning new official headshot through his official website at and it is guaranteed to blow you away when you see it ! Check it out !

15th April 2004 : Fair alerts us that Secondhand Lions will finally be released in Japan in July 2004. With an official website in Japan, the marketing for Secondhand Lions is done in the usual tasteful Japanese way , with beautiful, new and unique artwork for the movie 1-sheet. Check out the Japanese campaign by clicking on the banner below.

7th April 2004 : Congratulations to Haley Joel Osment on his double nominations at the 25th Annual Young Artist Awards , for Best Performance for a Leading Young Actor in a Feature Film ( for Secondhand Lions ) and Best Performance for a Young Actor in a Voice Over Role ( for Jungle Book 2 ) Results will be announced on 8th May 2004 .

2nd April 2004 : >Phew< It's taken us weeks to finish, but we have finally completed the section on the Secondhand Lions DVD bonus features ! The DVD is so feature-rich , it is incredible ! Do note however, that this section is SPOILER-riddled , so don't go there unless you really want to ....

30th March 2004 : Secondhand Lions finally drops out of the top ten Video Rental chart after 6 weeks in the top ten. Assuming that on the average, a video will make about 60% more after dropping off the top 10 rentals chart, this would place Secondhand Lions in a position of earning at least US$10 million in rental performance !

22nd March 2004 : The Secondhand Lions DVD/Video not only managed to stay in the Top 10 video rentals chart for the week ending 14th March 2004 , it actually improved on its ranking, moving up to Number 9 with another US$660,000 for a cumulative total of US$6.45 million in just 6 weeks.

15th March 2004 : With another US$710,000 in rentals, the Secondhand Lions DVD/Video racks up US$5.78 million in just 5 weeks after its release. This is probably its final week in the Top 10 rentals chart. On average, a video will make about 60% more after dropping off the top 10 rentals chart. This would give a projected US$9 million on so in rental sales !

5th March 2004 : In its 4th week of release, the Secondhand Lions DVD/Video has collected another US$880,0000 with a total cumulative gross of US$5.07 million up to 29th February 2004. It now ranks at number 5 on the video rental chart . In comparison, in this same week , the hugely popular Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over DVD debuted at Number 6th position with only US$830,000 ( Secondhand Lions in its debut week clocked in at Number 2 with US$1.65 million )

4th March 2004 : FAIR has alerted us to more great articles about Haley Joel Osment and Secondhand Lions. First off, a new interview with Haley Joel Osment , and secondly , yet another positive DVD review of Secondhand Lions ! Thanks , FAIR .

2nd March 2004 : Secondhand Lions continues to do well in the video rental charts, slipping just a notch to end as the third most rented title in its third week of release on DVD and video. It has collected US$4.2 million in video rentals in just 3 weeks.

27th February 2004 : Check out our new section featuring the superb Secondhand Lions score and the wonderful features of the enhanced soundtrack CD, which includes the whimsical art of acclaimed cartoonist, Berkley Breathed.

24th February 2004 : Secondhand Lions maintains its position at Number 2 on the Video Rental Charts inspite of stiff competition from new releases. With rental figures of US$1.45 million for the week, just off 12% from the previous week, it is holding up well.

19th February 2004 : We've started work on a section highlighting the cool bonus features found on the Secondhand Lions DVD . First off , we tell you how to access some of the Easter Eggs found on the disc. Plenty of spoilers though, so be careful where you wander if you want to discover the DVD features yourself. For the rest of you tearing your hair out trying to find the Easter Eggs, check out our feature found at the DVD section.

18th February 2004 : We've finally managed to get the Secondhand Lions DVD , and I must say that it is one FANTASTIC release ! It sure looks like as much love and care was poured into the Secondhand Lions DVD as it was with the film itself ! This is attested to by enthusiastic reviews of the DVD by respected critics , whom we could not agree more with. We celebrate the release of Secondhand Lions on DVD and VHS , which debuted at No. 2 on the rental charts , with a revamped DVD section which we hope you will enjoy. It's a work in progress at the moment, so check back often ....

6th February 2004 : The current tally for the Box Office gross of Secondhand Lions stands at US$42,070,939 for the US domestic Box Office with an overseas Box Office Gross of US$1,683,353 . The overseas gross is set to increase with the film expanding into France on 18 February 2004 , Brazil on 19 March 2004 , Australia on 25 March 2004 and Argentina on 22 April 2004 . Still no word on when the film is opening in the lucrative Japan market , where Haley Joel Osment still remains popular.

5th February 2004 : The Secondhand Lions DVD is out in stores worldwide now and response for this highly anticipated DVD release from fans has been enthusiastic ! Loyal fan , Fair , whose opinion this webmaster greatly respects, gives this sincere review after watching the DVD :

I was overwhelmed and lost in the pure goodness of the "Secondhand Lions" DVD. By lost I mean the kind of lost where you just don't want to come back....

If ever there was a DVD made from simple and honest love... this has to be it.

Be sure to get your copy of the DVD , out in stores worldwide now !

3rd February 2004 : Secondhand Lions continues to garner awards for its heartwarming story and strong moral lessons.

18th January 2004 : Secondhand Lions continues to open in more territories around the world. It will be released in Denmark on 5th March and in Brazil on 19th March 2004 .

16th January 2004 : Secondhand Lions will be released in France earlier than originally scheduled, and will now open on February 18th 2004 instead of April 7th (Thanks to Nora of for alerting us to this news from ) The french title is "Le Secret des frères MacCann" which is translated as " The Secret of the McCann Brothers".

8th January 2004 : Secondhand Lions opens in THAILAND tomorrow 9th January 2004 ! Many thanks to RYS for this latest information !

7th January 2004 : The Phoenix Film Critics have nominated Secondhand Lions as one of their five nominees for BEST LIVE ACTION FAMILY FILM . The other nominees are Elf, Freaky Friday, Peter Pan and Holes. Thanks to Trevor H from the message board for this piece of news !

31st December 2003 : Jeff Strickler of Star Tribune, has named Secondhand Lions as one of his Top Ten films of 2003 . Be sure to read his excellent article , dated 28th December 2003 , at . You can also read his original review of the movie here . Thanks , Jeff ! We could not agree with you more !

30th December 2003 : As of 21st December 2003 , Secondhand Lions has grossed US$42,023,715 in 14 weeks of domestic USA box office .

10th December 2003 : Haley fan recently visited the actual locations in Austin, Texas where Secondhand Lions was filmed and files this report with beautiful pictures. Thanks, , for sharing those great pictures with us !

5th December 2003 : Secondhand Lions opened in Hong Kong on 27th November 2003 and raked in US$46,362 from 27th November to 30th November , ranking at number 8 on the Hong Kong Box Office !

28th November 2003 : USA Domestic Box Office of Secondhand Lions as of 23rd November 2003 now stands at US$41,756,426. Still showing at 149 screens nationwide, don't miss this chance of seeing this heartwarming film while it is still on the big screen !

22nd November 2003 : Latest International Release Dates

Iceland 5 December 2003

Denmark 5th March 2004

Australia 25th March 2004

France 7 April 2004

21st November 2003 : Finally , we get news that Secondhand Lions is scheduled to be released in Australia on 25th March 2004 . To our Australian friends, let's just say that it REALLY is WORTH the wait !

14th November 2003 : Secondhand Lions opens in Mexico today !

10th November 2003 : Newline Cinema announces the release of the Secondhand Lions Region One Platinum Series DVD on 3rd February 2003 ! Thanks to FAIR for the breaking news !

4th November 2003 ( 1 pm ) : Secondhand Lions continues into its 7th week in USA, its 5th week in Singapore and its 2nd week in UK. Track its box office performance here. Singapore fans hoping to catch Secondhand Lions before it ends its run on 5th November 2003 can call Princess Theatre (445 Bedok North Street 1, Bedok Central ) for information on showtimes at Tel: (65) 64484965 . Please hurry because there are only 4 screenings left as of now .

2nd November 2003 : We are excited to have a NEW and EASIER address ! You can now reach us at ! We are still part of our parent website at , which we hope that you will continue to support ( LOTS of Haley related news there ! ) , but if you are looking for Secondhand Lions news, our new URL will make it easier for you to find us. Please also continue to support the OFFICIAL film website at .

30th October 2003 : The UK Box Office tabulation is finally in ! Secondhand Lions opened at #10 in a crowded season dominated by Finding Nemo and Kill Bill .

24th October 2003 : Secondhand Lions opens in UK !

17th October 2003 : Be sure to read the fascinating Interview with Tim McCanlies by which sheds a lot of light on Secondhand Lions, including the original ending which was filmed but not used. Be aware that this interview is spoiler-ridden, but it is a great article not to be missed !

15th October 2003 : Still holding its place in the top 10 of the US domestic Box Office with about US$36 million in gross takings after 4 weeks, and actually improving its Box Office ranking in Singapore in its second frame, Secondhand Lions is poised to take on the UK Box Office in less than 10 days' time.

11th October 2003 : Latest International Release Dates

UK 24 October 2003

Netherlands 13 November 2003

Iceland 5 December 2003

France 7 April 2004

10th October 2003 : With a slew of new films opening in USA this weekend, including MGM studio's family oriented "Good Boy!" to lure moviegoers from Secondhand Lions' target audience, Secondhand Lions will be dropped from 469 screens and with only 2,563 screens left to fill , its Box Office is likely to see a steep decline . Please support this fine movie and go see it again !

7th October 2003 : Now available ! Track the Singapore Box Office performance of Secondhand Lions .

6th October 2003 : Secondhand Lions is holding out quite well at the Box Office , but it has slipped a position to number 6. Please keep supporting this wonderful movie, and if you have not seen it a second time, please go as soon as you can. Those who have seen it a second time like it even better the second time around ! AND if you have already seen it twice, well, go see it a third time !

1st October 2003 : Well, it's taken 3 whole days of hard work preparing this, but here are the END TITLES of Secondhand Lions prepared from the official release by New Line Cinema. These are the end titles you see scrolling at the end of the movie, and it is really interesting looking at who is credited ! For example, do you know that the pig attacking Haley is called Norton ? Oh and yes, there WAS a real lion AND an animatronic one ! Discuss it here !

Oh and by the way, it's OPENING DAY of Secondhand Lions in Singapore !!!

26th September 2003 : Singapore release date for Secondhand Lions brought forward to 2nd October 2003 ! Thanks to szekeong for alerting us on this !

25th September 2003 : reports that New Line Cinema will debut the new trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in theaters around the world on Friday, September 26. In North America, the 2 min., 30 sec. trailer will play exclusively with New Line's Secondhand Lions, now in its second weekend of release. It will be in theaters throughout the weekend and will then debut online at on Monday, September 29. This is great news, as hopefully it will attract more people to see Secondhand Lions at the theatres.

25th September 2003 : Now available ! Track the daily and weekend box office results here .

24th September 2003 : FINAL BOX OFFICE figures for the opening weekend have been confirmed and contrary to initial analysis , Secondhand Lions has debuted at SECOND place at US$12.1 million , narrowly pipping third placer The Fighting Temptations at US$11.8 million . This gives Secondhand Lions a good average of US$4029 per location. Thanks to Christian for alerting us that the figures have been revised !

23rd September 2003 : The stars of Secondhand Lions have been doing the promotional circuit with television appearances on shows like The Today Show and The Charlie Rose Show . Watch the videos here !

23rd September 2003 : USA domestic BOX OFFICE gross for the opening weekend of 19th to 21st September 2003 is in ! Debuting in third place ( after Underworld and The Fighting Temptations) with an estimated $12.9M from 3,013 theaters. Secondhand Lions averaged a good $4,273 per location.

19th September 2003 : We are proud to host EXCLUSIVE pictures of Haley Joel Osment at the premiere of Secondhand Lions at Mann's Theatre, Westwood, USA on 18th September 2003 . These pictures are NOT available anywhere else on the internet! Check them out here .

15th September 2003 : Check out the many new articles which have been published regarding Second Hand Lions and its stars running up to its worldwide release this weekend.

29th August 2003 : The official Second Hand Lions website undergoes its THIRD incarnation ! Sporting a new look again, very cool and fun, but strangely, no new trailers or pictures. Some AIM icons are available for download .

28th August 2003 : Interview with Haley Joel Osment

27th August 2003 : New article - Second Hand Lions Production Notes

14th August 2003 : BREAKING NEWS !!! Second Hand Lions will be released in Singapore on 16th October 2003 !

12th August 2003: Second Hand Lions Press Conference pictures of Haley Joel Osment now available here !

8th June 2003 : New pictures in the gallery !

5th June 2003 : Latest International Release Dates

USA 19 September 2003

UK 10 October 2003

Belgium 12 November 2003

Netherlands 11 December 2003

21st June 2003 : The Official Second Hand Lions website is now online with trailer, downloads and ecard.

19th June 2003 : The first official trailer for Second Hand Lions is now available on our website . View or download it now ! Also , do check out the 22 screencaps from the trailer featured in The Gallery .


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