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One of the reasons the Secondhand Lions DVD is rated so highly by reviewers is the wealth of bonus features included on the disc. From a superb commentary by writer and director Tim McCanlies ( whose passion and love for this film is clearly evident in his audio commentary ) to the inclusion of the entire Original Ending of the film as an alternate scene , to the provision of the entire printable screenplay , this DVD is a labour of love which adds much to the enjoyment and appreciation of this beautiful film.

We bring you through all the exciting bonus features that you can find on the Secondhand Lions DVD in this special section. Do note however, that this section is SPOILER riddled , so if you want to discover the exciting bonus features by yourself firsthand, please buy or rent the DVD and enjoy it before you return to this website. We highly recommend this DVD, it is worth buying to keep , because this film is destined to be a classic one that your family will enjoy watching over again, so please support it by buying the original DVD.

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