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Japan release date : 10th July 2004

Production budget : US$30 million

Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes

Total Japan Box Office gross ( FINAL CONFIRMED ) : US$2,159,711


Week #
7 day GROSS US$*
7 day GROSS „
Screen Count / % Change
Gross to date US$*
July 10-16 , 2004
14 / -
July 17-23 , 2004
14 / -
July 24-30 , 2004
11 / -3
July 31 - August 6, 2004
11 / -

** Ranked by week , click on each week's rank to check ranking against the other top 10 films of the week in Japan

9th March 2005

The final Box Office total for Secondhand Lions in Japan now stands at US$2,159,711 , the highest international box office performance of the film , as expected , in view of Haley Joel Osment's popularity in Japan , and due also in large part to the amazing effort that Nippon Herald Films , the distributor of the film in Japan , put in to their marketing of the film . Beautiful , new and classy artwork unlike anything else seen in the marketing of the film in USA and other international territories , a special appearance by none other than Haley Joel Osment himself , both live and in special personalised theatrical trailers all added to the box office success of Secondhand Lions in Japan.

No other international box office came close, with United Kingdom only achieving US$1,276,949 and Spain with US1,055,200 . salutes Nippon Herald Films and Japan on a wonderful job well done, and we applaud you for recognising Secondhand Lions for what it really is , a classy, uplifting family film that was well worth promoting . You treated the film with so much class and respect , and the box office results show that those efforts were well worth it !

13th August 2004

Secondhand Lions finally drops out of the Top 15 Box Office Chart for Japan in its fifth frame due to a whole slew of new films opening across Japan. Although we are unable to bring you the box office takings for the 5th week, it is likely that Secondhand Lions may continue to play at smaller theatres across Japan for a few more weeks before finally ending its run. It is still showing on six screens currently, with one screen committed to showing it till 3rd September and another theatre committed to a screen run of Secondhand Lions till 10th September 2004.

11th August 2004

Secondhand Lions improved on its per location average on 11 screens to take in an additional US$179,680 , re-entering the top 10 at the Japanese Box Office in its fourth week.

4th August 2004

Secondhand Lions played in only 11 screens ( down from 14 ) in its third frame averaging US$14,062 per screen to gross US$154,679 for a cumulative total of US$776,562 in 3 weeks.

27th July 2004

Secondhand Lions continues to perform well in Japan despite being on only 14 screens, improving it's per location average slightly and chalking up another US$318,359 for a total box office of US$627,589 in 2 weeks. It slips a notch to rank 9 on the overall Japan Box Office due to the entry of the Japanese language films , Pokemon : Advanced Generation and Steamboy which entered at positions 3 and 4 respectively.

21st July 2004

Secondhand Lions enters the Top 10 Japan Box Office chart in its first week (ending July 16th ) at Number 8 with US$312,094 despite being shown on only 14 screens nationwide. At US$25 per ticket, it averaged a solid US$22,292 per screen in its first 7 days.

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