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Most films end with just the scrolling of the film's credits, but filmgoers who walked out before the end credits of Secondhand Lions would have missed a beautifully animated end sequence which added significantly to the film. A montage of beautiful Berkeley Breathed cartoons held together by almost 3-D computer animation by Digital Kitchen , the animated end title sequence was a wonderful postscript to the events that happened in the film. This short two and a half minute sequence underscored the depth to which Walter's coming-of-age adventures on the farm influenced him in his adulthood and in his career , and it is a credit to Digital Kitchen for adding to the film with this short sequence.

Be sure to read the very interesting "Making Of" account of Digital Kitchen's work on the end sequence at written by Katie Makal. That article is also mirrored here .

The 10.5MB Secondhand Lions End Title Sequence by Digital Kitchen with a temp soundtrack

Secondhand Lion's distinctly vibrant and evocative end title sequence is followed by the rest of the scrolling credits against composer Patrick Doyle's heartwarming soundtrack . We pay tribute to all who have worked on Secondhand Lions , both cast and crew, here with Newline Cinema's officially released End Credits.


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