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Interview with Haley Joel Osment by Cinema Voice

Since this role is a child becoming an adult and you were a child actor becoming to play more of adult role, I guessed you might have felt some similarity with this character?

Haley Joel Osment ( H ): I think so yeah. That was one of the main reasons why I was exciting to do this film. Because it was perfect timing for going towards older roles as you said. I'm hoping that in the future, roles that are lot more matured ones that I've been doing in the past. So Walter was perfect for that. Cause, that's kind of what he goes through, becoming a man, when he starts outs as sort of weak little kid.

Do you have struggle with in yourself?

H: Well, in real life, no, I don't... its much of a struggle as perhaps as Walter's might be. Because, you know, playing younger roles wasn't a bad thing for me at that time. But, you know, now I just wanna find more age appropriate roles. Walter is also learning to act his age, I think. But his is more fundamental change.

You've been working in this industry since you were very young, from what stage did you become to feel the enjoyment of acting?

H: I think I've always enjoyed from the beginning. Cause... you enjoy it for different reasons as you grow up. It's always been really fun to be on the set. But as I get older I think I appreciate more of the art of what I'm doing on the set.

But didn't you have to sacrifice some of these things?

H: Well, you know... it does take time to be on the set than you normally will be at home. But I'm glad that I had that experience. I don't think I'm missing anything, because I have plenty of time. I go to a regular school, hang out with friends.

Walter meeting these two old men were like a life changing experiences for him, how about you? Have you ever had a life changing experience from meeting someone?

I think I definitely had a lot of experiences from where I met people in this business in the regular life that really changed the way you think of it, I guess. You know, just all the actors that I've been lucky enough to work with, specifically you know help me become a better actor and Michael Cain and Robert Duvall are the perfect example of that. Aside from that, my parents have always have done that. You know, having been able to having been so supportive in a business like this and in normal life.

Could you give us an example of some advises that you had from someone that changed your way of thinking?

H: I think one of the biggest one, which was long time ago, when I first started acting, my dad had always taught me that "acting is believing". That's been my fundamental rule that I used in all the roles that I play.

What was the most impressive thing that you learnt from Michael Cain and Robert Duvall?

H: From them... I think a lot of it was just watching how quickly they could create the reality of their character on the set. Having been worked for so long, they really just knew how to... they know the script when they come in but on the set they can just turn it on and just become their characters instantly. I think watching that, it wasn't so much direct advice but just a great example of what you can become as an actor.

Do you have any rules, idea, or a special attitude in your my mind when you do your job?

H: I guess that would be just always be having fun on the set. It's a job where if you're not enjoying what you're doing. Then there's no reason to do it. Acting is a work that seems like play. That's what something I always will try to keep on the set.

I feel that you are very balanced out person, but do you have any moments that you are doubtful of that and how do you over come those moments?

H: I guess it will be... I guess you just trust in the principles that you generally... I guess just to keep a straight course. Just to always put a lot of effort in what you are doing and always try to enjoy it. That always works in acting. I think that in the rest of life, you stay true to this principle then you won't have trouble ever feeling misguided.

Are you a big thinker or do you just take it by as it comes?

H: I think there's times for both. It's always good to intellectually consider things deeply, but in other cases, you just sort of should go with it.

What would you like to do for the future? Are you interested in things a part from acting such as writing, directing?

H: Yes. Both of those things. I would love to act for the rest of my life to be able to play the roles that come as you become older, you become a different person. But also directing and writing, it doesn't matter which side of camera I'm on, I would love to be involved in making films for rest of my life.

Finally could you face the camera and give a message to WOWOW viewers?

H: Hello to the viewers of WOWOW! I'm Haley Joel Osment and thanks for watching.

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Many thanks to Anthony of The Haley Osment Zone for discovering this great interview and for alerting us about it.
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