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Anthony , webmaster of the excellent fansite The Haley Osment Zone was the first with this scoop, that Haley had indeed flown to Japan to attend its local SHL press conference in Japan on 21th April. Anthony managed to get a copy of the press conference video , in which you actually hear Haley greeting the enthusiastic audience in Japanese.

We are indebted to Anthony for this not-to-be-missed video of Haley's Secondhand Lions press conference in Japan.

Haley Joel Osment's Secondhand Lions Press Conference in Japan 2004


Promotional reel with voiceover 27.8MB
Press Interview full version 27.8MB

It is wonderful to watch the extremely confident young Haley, at age 16 , returning to a land that has always accorded him and his films great respect and support . His effort to greet the Japanese in their lyrical native language was commendable and heartwarming, and displays Haley's professionalism and commitment to his craft.


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Haley also made a promotional appearance on a Japanese TV program and we are indebted to the fan who originally made the following screencaptures from that program.

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Many thanks to Anthony of The Haley Osment Zone for discovering this wonderful video and for alerting us about it.
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