Day 2 of Fair's Celebration of the First Anniversary of Secondhand Lions !

As we continue to place as many of the final remaining pieces to the puzzle that will provide us with the complete "picture" of SHL, I believe there is room for even this simple little item. It might not be directly related to "Secondhand Lions", but I am sure it can be included as part of the overall experience. There was a lot happening in 2002, and I am sure the sum of all the little pieces helped to create the finished product.

Prior to Haley and Dad departing for Texas back in September of 2002 in order to begin their work on "Secondhand Lions", Mr. Osment made a brief appearance in another film earlier that year. It was the made-for-television film, "The Last Cowboy", and was first released in early 2003.

It is a modern "western" that was filmed primarily around the Santa Ynez, California area... which is just a couple of hours up the coast from Los Angeles. The main location for the film was at the "Chamberlain Ranch", a place that at one time sprawled over 25,000 acres!

Anyway... Mr. Osment's character, Alex Kerwin, finally shows up at the very end of the film and has just a minute or two of screen time. During that brief appearance, he does get to deliver his one and only line, and he does so with style...


Alex Kerwin: "What you're looking at Mr. Cooper is Phase 1 of the Dry Creek Training Stables and Equine Rehab Centre. And I am proud to be a part of it."

I thought it might be kind of nice to offer up these never before seen screen captures from the film showing what Mr. Osment also loves to do... that is, when he is not being the best Dad in the whole world.



And the last pic of Haley's dad, Mr. Eugene Osment, another great actor.


Fair ends the First Anniversary celebration of Secondhand Lions with a look back at one of Haley's early works and offers a surprise at the end of it , in

Echoes From The Jeff Foxworthy Show


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