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The Film Advisory Board AWARD OF EXCELLENCE

The Film Advisory Board (FAB) "Award Of Excellence" encompasses a wide range of quality family-oriented entertainment and educational products for all members of the family.

Their "Award Winner" seal is recognized worldwide as identifying entertainment products suitable for viewing and use by families and children. FAB's Review Committee reviews and votes year round to select films for this sought after award.


Award Requirements

All Awarded Products Must Meet These Requirements

* Stimulate Imagination
* Raise Awareness
* Be Created in Good Taste
* Justly Represent Its Subject Matter
* Be Safe Where Applicable
* Encourage Positiveness and Ambition
* Be Attractive and Entertaining

Products Must Not Contain

* Gratuitous, Profane Language
* Gratuitous Violence (Self-help products that use actual footage of violence as a commentary, as in a documentary made to deter violent behavior, are exempt.)
* Strong Sexual Content and Gratuitous Nudity Related to Sex and Titillation


Secondhand Lions has been awarded this prestigious award and both the theatrical and video/DVD release will bear the FAB Award Winner seal.

New Line Cinema removed a few words of profanity from Secondhand Lions in order to meet the criteria for FAB's Award of Excellence. The film stars Academy Award winners Michael Caine and Robert Duvall as two crusty uncles to Oscar-nominee Haley Joel Osment. ("The Sixth Sense"). Osment plays an introverted boy who reluctantly finds himself spending the summer with the uncles on their Texas ranch. Overtime, he is won over by them and enthralled with their rememberances of their youthful exploits. The film is MPAA rated PG for thematic elements and action violence.



AARP ( formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons ) is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of persons 50 and older. Through information and education, advocacy and service, they seek to enhance the quality of life for all by promoting independence, dignity and purpose.

On January 26 , 2004 , their official magazine , AARP The Magazine , released the list of winners in 13 categories for its third annual "Best Movies for Grownups Awards."

AARP The Magazine instituted the awards to encourage filmmakers to expand their vision and make more movies that resonate with the growing 50+ audience. The winners were selected by the magazine's editorial staff. The winners receive La Chaise d'Or—The Golden Chair—a whimsical trophy in the shape of a lounge chair, and will be profiled in the March/April issue of AARP The Magazine, America's largest magazine with a circulation of 21.5 million, on newsstands February 16, 2004.


Secondhand Lions has been named Best Intergenerational Movie 2003 by AARP The Magazine. Directed by Tim McCanlies , it features an awkward city boy (Haley Joel Osment) who is dropped off with two South Texas good ol' boys (Michael Caine and Robert Duvall). He helps smooth their rough edges (especially their habit of shooting at salesmen), but they have wisdom to share, too. "In this youth-driven culture, I don't think generations are around each other enough," writer-director McCanlies says.

Runners-up for this award included Bend It Like Beckham (soccer kicks up a family conflict), In America (sorrow and happiness seal a family's love) and Whale Rider (generations accept tradition and change).


Parents Television Council SEAL OF APPROVAL

Now more than 850,000 members strong and growing every day, the Parents Television Council ( PTC ) was established in 1995 as a nonpartisan group, offering private sector solutions to restore television to its roots as an independent and socially responsible entertainment medium.


The PTC recognizes excellence in the entertainment industry by awarding its PTC Seal of Approval. This award is given to worthy television programs, made-for-TV movies, motion pictures, and video games that help parents by providing entertainment suitable for the entire family. Like the Good Housekeeping Seal, the PTC Seal of Approval gives consumers the information and confidence they need to make the best choices.

In awarding their Seal of Approval to Secondhand Lions, PTC writes :

The Parents Television Council is happy to award Secondhand Lions the PTC Seal of Approval because it tells a great story for families without the use of sex, graphic violence, or excessive coarse language.

Secondhand Lions is a gem of a movie and is perfect for families with older children who are too wise for animated fairy tales, but who are not ready for mature themes. Secondhand Lions presents complex and engaging themes that will certainly evoke conversation between parents and children. This is a wonderful family movie and one that parents and children will both enjoy.

The Parents Television Council is proud to award Secondhand Lions the PTC Seal of Approval .

Be sure to read their excellent review of Secondhand Lions .


Heartland Film Festival Truly Moving Pictures Award of Excellence

In 2000, the Heartland Film Festival created the Heartland Film Festival Truly Moving Pictures Award of Excellence to honor theatrically-released films with messages that align with the Festival's mission.

On 23rd September 2003 , Heartland Film Festival ® announced that it would present Secondhand Lions with its prestigious Heartland Film Festival ® Truly Moving Pictures Award of Excellence.


Secondhand Lions is a film that exemplifies what the Truly Moving Pictures Award of Excellence is all about,” said Jeff Sparks, President of Heartland Film Festival. “It’s a film that carries the potential to make a difference in the lives of those who view it, and it certainly has the ability to inspire the audience. It is an honor to present Secondhand Lions with this award.”

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BFCA Recommended Film of the Month September 2003

The Broadcast Film Critics Association is the largest film critics organization in the United States and Canada, representing 184 television, radio and online critics.

Founded in 1995, the BFCA presents its Critics' Choice Awards each year to honor the finest achievements in filmmaking. A portion of the proceeds from the awards presentation ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel is donated to the Starlight Children's Fund.


The BFCA also selects a Film of the Month and officially recommends other worthy films throughout the course of the year. As an additional service to moviegoers, each film is given a Critics' Choice Rating (on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the highest), based on the cumulative grades each film receives in the monthly balloting.


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Secondhand Lions received a cumulative Critics Choice Rating of 81 and was awarded the BFCA Recommended Film of the Month for September 2003 .



Secondhand Lions has also been nominated for the PHOENIX FILM CRITICS SOCIETY AWARD for BEST LIVE ACTION FAMILY FILM of 2003 .The other nominees were Elf ,Freaky Friday ,Holes and Peter Pan . Freaky Friday took the award.


My sincere thanks to FAIR , Anthony and Trevor H of the kidactors message board for help with the information the various awards and nominations garnered by Secondhand Lions.

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