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Newline Cinema

USA release date : 19th September 2003

Production budget : US$30 million

Estimated Marketing costs: US$20 million

Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes

MPAA rating : PG


Total Lifetime Gross

Domestic: $42,070,939 87.8%
+ Overseas: $5,831,627 12.2%


= Worldwide: $47,902,566


Track Secondhand Lion's US Box Office by daily or by weekend breakdown . See how it is doing in International Markets like Singapore , UK , Hong Kong , Korea and Japan , or check out the summary of its International Box Office by COUNTRY .


15th September 2004 : The total box office tallies are finally in ! Secondhand Lions made US$42,070,939 in the Domestic US Box Office ( 87.8% of the worldwide grosses ) and its Overseas box office takings added another US$5,831,627 or 12.2% of the Worldwide Gross of US$47,902,566 .

23rd August 2004 : Secondhand Lions entered the Top 10 Japan Box Office chart in its first week (ending July 16th ) at Number 8 with US$312,094 despite being shown on only 14 screens nationwide. At US$25 per ticket, it averaged a solid US$22,292 per screen in its first 7 days. By its 4th week, it had already earned $949,427 in Box Office sales.

22nd March 2004 : OZ from reports on the box office performance of Secondhand Lions in Australia :

" It opened in Australia on 26 February 2004, played for three weeks in just six out of thirty or forty Greater Union cinema complexes and has now DISAPPEARED from their movie line-up, probably forever. I checked the other cinema chain, Hoyts, and it only ever played in one of their theatres.

Fellow fan, anthony nicholas reports that Secondhand Lions did only $AUD20,638 in the Australian box office. Apparently, Secondhand Lions was extremely poorly marketed in Australia, which is a crying shame for such a highly anticipated and wonderful film.


6th February 2004 : The current tally for the Box Office gross of Secondhand Lions stands at US$42,070,939 for the US domestic Box Office with an overseas Box Office Gross of US$1,683,353 . The overseas gross is set to increase with the film expanding into France on 18 February 2004 , Brazil on 19 March 2004 , Australia on 25 March 2004 and Argentina on 22 April 2004 . Still no word on when the film is opening in the lucrative Japan market , where Haley Joel Osment still remains popular.


5th December 2003 : Secondhand Lions opened in Hong Kong on 27th November 2003 and raked in US$46,362 from 27th November to 30th November , ranking at number 8 on the Hong Kong Box Office !


28th November 2003 : USA Domestic Box Office of Secondhand Lions as of 23rd November 2003 now stands at US$41,756,426. Still showing at 149 screens nationwide, don't miss this chance of seeing this heartwarming film while it is still on the big screen !


4th November 2003 : Secondhand Lions continues into its 7th week in USA, its 5th week in Singapore and its 2nd week in UK.


14th October 2003

Secondhand Lions drops to 9th place in the US domestic box office in its 4th week. With US$35.4 million in Box Office takings so far, it is on track to end its domestic run with about US$40 - 50 million in gross Box Office.

In Singapore, Secondhand Lions improves its Box Office ranking by moving up to 5th place, dropping a mere 23% in Box Office takings compared to the opening weekend. In spite of a low season due to the school exams , Secondhand Lions is performing reasonably well with almost US$74,000 in gross takings and should have at least a 4 week run in Singapore.


10th October 2003

With a slew of new films opening this weekend, including MGM studio's family oriented "Good Boy!" to lure moviegoers from Secondhand Lions' target audience, Secondhand Lions will be dropped from 469 screens and with only 2,563 screens left to fill , its Box Office is likely to see a steep decline .


7th October 2003

Track the Box Office performance of Secondhand Lions in SINGAPORE.


6th October 2003

After 17 days , Secondhand Lions has dropped to 6th position at the Box Office , with a 37.5 % drop in its third weekend compared with its performance the previous week. With takings of almost US$31 million, it is doing respectably well at the box office. In fact , in its third weekend , from 3rd - 5th October 2003 , it actually did better than Underworld , which was the number 1 movie at the Box Office the first weekend that Secondhand Lions opened.

Secondhand Lions is still showing at 3032 screens across USA, down by just 6 screens. We hope to bring you the Singapore Box Office performance of Secondhand Lions as soon as the data is in.


28th September 2003

Secondhand Lions held up well in its second frame slipping 32% to an estimated $8.3M for a ten-day total of US$23.5 million. The PG-rated film looks to conclude with $45-50M.


23rd September 2003

Newline's Secondhand Lions debuted in second place over the weekend of 19th September to 21st September 2003 with a respectable US$12.14 million from 3,013 theaters. Starring Haley Joel Osment, Robert Duvall, and Michael Caine, the PG-rated New Line release averaged a good $4,029 per location.

It narrowly pipped Paramount's The Fighting Temptations which took in US$11.8 million but lost out to the R rated supernatural thriller Underworld which grossed a staggering US$21.8 million.


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