Phew ! It's been a memorable and eventful year since the release of Secondhand Lions in theatres worldwide on 19th September 2003 !

Ten long years in the making, Tim McCanlies' Secondhand Lions , starring respected thespians Robert Duvall , Michael Caine and the ever amazing Haley Joel Osment , has in one year made US$47,902,566 worldwide and chalked up another US$6,450,000 in DVD/VHS rental sales. Not only that, Secondhand Lions has won a whole slew of awards including The Film Advisory Board (FAB) "Award Of Excellence" , AARP The Magazine's BEST INTERGENERATIONAL FILM of 2004 , Heartland Film Festival's Truly Moving Pictures Award of Excellence , BFCA Recommended Film of the Month September 2003 and the Parents Television Council's SEAL OF APPROVAL. Touching filmgoers worldwide from USA to Singapore to Netherlands and other places, Secondhand Lions has just completed a spectacular run in Japan to end an incredible year at the theatres.

And what of our modest little fansite here at ? What started out as a small extension of our parent site at , this website has grown to become what we hope is the world's best resource on Secondhand Lions the film , with more than 18,800 unique visitors in one year chalking up 29,000 hits and still counting !

Thanks as always are due. First of all, to Tim McCanlies, for your remarkable vision and drive in culminating 10 years of hard work getting Secondhand Lions to the screen. Your wonderful story and screenplay , and the passion that has gone into realising it on film is a wonderful legacy that you have left for all of us, and we could not thank you enough for it. To Robert Duvall, Michael Caine, and Haley Joel Osment , we continue to stand amazed at your collective work on screen, and your ensemble performance in Secondhand Lions has driven many of us to tears and moved our hearts. A special word of thanks must go to Haley, because you continue to astound us with the depth of your work. Your portrayal of Walter has convinced us yet again that you are an actor with exceptional talent, you have a true gift for which we are all the better for. Thank you, Haley.

To my fellow fans..... Pazu , your special clips were the seed on which this website was planted , and just look at how much the website has grown since then ! I will always be grateful to you for those clips, my friend , and for your continued support of and contributions to the Comeaway group of websites ! Fair , your great support , super search abilities , and wonderful articles will always continue to spur me to work harder , and I want you to know how instrumental you are to this website. I am definitely not forgetting friends and fellow fans like Anthony from Hong Kong, Szekeong from Singapore , Oz from Australia , Siochaint7 from USA , all the regular posters at the Comeaway message board, Busara, Lynxcat, Robot Boy , Matthew , Mc , Jo-Ann , Alain , and also everyone from Haley's official message board at , especially kidactors' webmaster Kris Mihelich .... this website stands testament to the astounding dedication and loyal support of Haley's fans. I applaud you all .

Well, one year down , and Secondhand Lions will no doubt continue to delight, surprise and move many more in years to come as it becomes a true family classic on DVD and VHS .

Will we be here for the 10th Anniversary Special DVD release of the film ? You bet ! Secondhand Lions may have ended its theatrical run world wide, and the DVD already released, but our work here at is far from over. In addition to a revamp of the site to make it navigate and look better, we have many more projects planned, including an authoritative and comprehensive cataloging of all available props and authenticated pieces of wardrobe used in the film that are now in the private collections of film buffs worldwide. So obviously, our work here is far from over, and we hope you will continue to stick with us and support this site.

But until then, here's a toast on the First Anniversary celebration of Secondhand Lions ! Cheers, everyone !

Daniel Chia

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