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We were sent these beautiful pictures of some of the locations in Austin , Texas that Secondhand Lions was filmed at by fellow Haley fan and intrepid photographer .

So , here it is, a first hand account by in pictures and words, of what it is like at the actual locations where Secondhand Lions was filmed. Click on the pictures to supersize them !


I live in Austin, Texas and got some inside info back in September about most of the filming locations. Of course I visited them and I thought you might enjoy seeing the images I took.


What you'll see is the inside of the real Cele General Store where Haley makes his phone call trying to find his mom and then later we see the brawl with Robert Duval and the "punk" teenagers.


I put a photo of the farmhouse as well as the Cotton Gin where Caine, Duval and Osment buy the lion feed. One of the men in that scene is a friend of mine and owns the General Store (he's wearing the black cowboy hat).

Finally pictures of the bridge where Haley jumps out of the car at the end of the movie and confronts his mom to "do something for me."

I went to the premiere of the movie and got to meet Haley. What a truly amazing person!

We think Haley is a truly amazing person too , , and THANKS for sharing the pictures of the Secondhand Lions locations with us !




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