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Secondhand Lions to be released in UMD media Format , playable in Sony Playstation Portable

by FAIR on 19th September 2005

What's this... news about "Secondhand Lions" two years after the film was first released...?

Of course we have some SHL news... this is a Haley Film we are talking about... and with a Haley Film anything is possible... and it usually ends up meaning that whatever Haley project is being discussed, will become extraordinary in one form or another.

Anyway... just in case you were not aware, most probably know that Sony makes a portable, hand-held gaming device called a PlayStation Portable. This device can also play full cinematic films that have been converted to the UMD media format required by the device... whatever UMD is.

Well... "Secondhand Lions" will be the very first Haley Film to be converted over to that format, and will be available on Tuesday, 04-October-2005. Just as we first learned that the "Secondhand Lions" DVD was the very first DVD in history to incorporate MCE enhancements, "Secondhand Lions" continues to blaze a trail through the media jungle, as being the first Haley Film available in the new media format. Not exactly the most shattering bit of SHL Film news... but I suppose there is a certain appeal to being able to watch a Haley Film anywhere you like.

"Secondhand Lions" is the best.

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